Ship makes last trip down seaway

At the Morrisburg waterfront, Dec. 1, 2014, American Fortitude is towed to Montreal by tugboats Evans McKeil, front, and Jarrett M, back. Long term disposition has not been determined. (Photo/Phillip Blancher)

MORRISBURG – A 62-year-old steamer has made her last trip down the St. Lawrence Seaway on the way to the scrap yard.

American Fortitude was towed Monday afternoon by two tug boats on her way to Montreal to be taken out of service.

The bulk carrier is nearly 210 meters long and would carry roughly 22,658 metric tons of freight, usually iron ore or stone and then grain later in its lifetime.

In Nov. 2008, the ship was put into long-term layup in Ohio, according to the Duluth Shipping News.

The long term disposition of the ship is not known.

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