Police are checking your vehicle; ‘Lock It Or Lose It’ underway

(Newswatch Group/File)

CORNWALL – If you find someone pulling on your door handle or a note under your windshield this weekend, don’t be alarmed.

With the busy Christmas shopping season underway, this is also the first weekend since the “Lock It Or Lose It” campaign started Thursday.

“Leaving vehicles unlocked or valuables in plain sight is an invitation for thieves to steal your valuables,” said Cornwall Police Sgt. Brian Snyder.

Snyder tells Cornwall Newswatch, while the number of theft cases are down, they are seeing a rise in identity theft after thieves get hold of your vehicle registration or other documents.

The sergeant says they will be targeting busy areas like mall parking lots.

Police officers will be checking doors on parked vehicles and also making sure that no valuables are left in plain view.

Officers will place a notice under your windshield wiper to tell you what you did right and wrong.

The province-wide campaign is also backed by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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