Cornwall connection to Jian Ghomeshi case

TORONTO – The Jian Ghomeshi case, playing out in a Toronto courtroom Wednesday, has a Cornwall connection.

The former CBC radio host surrendered to Toronto police and has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one charge of what police call “overcome resistance – choking.”

Since his dismissal on October 26th, nine women have come forward with allegations that Ghomeshi sexually or physically assaulted them.

Ghomeshi is out on $100,000 bail.

The Globe and Mail says Ghomeshi is being represented by Marie Henein.

Henein represented Cornwall-based lawyer Jacques Leduc at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

Leduc was charged in 1998 as part of Project Truth – an O.P.P. investigation into sex-related offences involving young boys.

The charges were stayed in 2004 due to excessive delays.

Henein also successfully defended junior hockey coach David Frost and was also defence lawyer for former Attorney General Michael Bryant in his cyclist collision case.

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