Average winter for Cornwall, SD&G but slightly cooler: TWN

Water Street during a snowstorm on Valentine's Day 2014. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – The weather watchers believe Cornwall will see a pretty average winter but it may be a little on the cooler side.

The Weather Network is out with its winter outlook for Cornwall and SD&G.

The yo-yo weather cold and warm spells we’ve been having recently is expected to continue for the short term.

“As we head into December, we’re not expecting too much of cold air outbreaks. In fact, we are expecting the trend of that we’ve been seeing for the past few weeks to continue when we see a week of above and then a week of below seasonable temperatures,” said Elena Lappo, meteorologist at The Weather Network.

For the period from December through February, the average low is -10.3C and the average high is -2.4C in Cornwall and SD&G.

January and February will bring more cold air and it will stick around a little bit longer, said Lappo.

By the time the winter season is done, she believes we will average out to slightly below normal.

But there’s a reassurance from Lappo residents won’t see the bone-chilling cold like we experienced last winter from a polar vortex.

As for snowfall, Lappo says it will depend on how storms track into Eastern Ontario from the Ohio Valley.

“We are expecting this active track of storms to lie right south of the border which means Cornwall will be very close to the area where we’re expecting that track to be.”

Lappo says early computer models are showing average to slightly above average snowfall for winter in our area.

“We’re thinking that at the end of the winter we’re going to see either average or leaning more towards above average precipitation. It just depends on the exact track of the storms whether it’s going to be just north of the border or just south of the border.”

The region usually sees about 122.4 centimeters of snow and 90 millimeters of rain from December through February.

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