Dundas food bank move could happen by January

The former Morrisburg location of the Dundas County Food Bank. (Google Maps/File)

MORRISBURG – It looks like the move for the Morrisburg location of the Dundas County Food Bank might not be delayed until the spring after all.

It was thought last month the move from the Second Street location to the former library at the base of the Morrisburg arena wouldn’t happen until the spring.

That was partly because of the $46,000 needed for the renovations and the complexity of those repairs at the new building.

However, the food bank has taken a new strategy to cover the costs.

It’s sending out 30 appeal letters for corporate donations to pay back the $46,200 interest-free line of credit the food bank will most likely use from the Municipality of South Dundas to pay for the renos.

Dundas County Food Bank board member Jim Wilson also tells The Leader the biggest construction piece will be a new loading dock and that should happen this month.

Both the municipality and the local food bank will be able to do construction and setup at the same time and this will speed up the time line for renovations.

Wilson tells The Leader they hope to be in their new location by late January.

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