Support Our Troops campaign is back

SD&SG MP Guy Lauzon gets some "Support Our Troops" campaign signs together. (File)

SD&SG – Red and white signs saying “Support Our Troops” will be dotting the landscape of the United Counties and Cornwall again this year.

Local MP Guy Lauzon says his office will be offering the signs again this year.

“In light of the two recent tragedies involving Warrant Officer Vincent and Cpl. Cirillo, our pride and support for our Canadian soldiers have never been stronger,” said Lauzon.

Here are the locations where you can pick up a sign:

  • Main constituency office at 621 Pitt Street in Cornwall
  • Satellite office in Winchester (North Dundas Township Office)
  • Satellite office in Morrisburg (South Dundas Chamber of Commerce office in the plaza).

The “Support Our Troops” campaign was started in 2007.

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