COMMENTARY: Cornwall, don’t go to internet or phone voting

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. The voting in the United Counties didn’t really turn out as planned. Voting tabulator Scytl ran into some problems with the naming of computer files so it had to rerun the results and also do a manual count. “Our first priority is to ensure the integrity of the election,” said Scytl GM Brian O’Connor. And he’s right. In this computer age, we have grown so accustomed to pushing a button and, poof, the results are there. But what would have been worse is pushing out results in the name of being fast and then, had there been an error, telling candidates that “won” that they had, in fact, lost. That could have been a very real possibility in places like North Stormont where the deputy mayor’s race was down of a 74 vote spread. That would be embarrassing. Cornwall’s system worked rather smoothly. At first, I thought, maybe we should have internet and telephone voting. Now, after this Scytl snafu, I think our system worked just fine. Maybe the townships should look at adopting Cornwall’s system because, for once every four years, maybe doing it at home instead of an overseas company is the right move.

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