Quiet race in northern SD&G townships

SD&G – While there were some heated races in the south, it was a rather quiet affair by comparison in the northern townships of SD&G.

In North Dundas, Mayor Eric Duncan and the council of Allan Armstrong, Tony Fraser and John Thompson had been acclaimed. So, it was a battle for deputy mayor between incumbent Gerry Boyce and Theresa Bergeron. Boyce defeated Bergeron 1,769 to 1,180.

North Stormont Mayor Denis Fife was acclaimed. In the deputy mayor’s race, incumbent Bill McGimpsey squeaked out a 74 vote victory over his challenger, councillor Tammy McRae (1,159 to 1,085). The council will be made up of Jim Wert, Francois Landry and Randy Douglas.

North Glengarry Mayor Chris McDonell, Deputy Mayor Jamie MacDonald, Maxville Ward Councillor Carma Williams and Lochiel Ward Councillor Brian Caddell were all acclaimed.

That left three races for the Kenyon and Alexandria Wards as well as a Councillor at Large.

Michel Depratto was elected in the Alexandria Ward, Jeff Manley won the Kenyon Ward and Jacques Massie was elected Councillor at Large. Voter turnout in North Glengarry was 37.3 per cent, up from the 2012 by-election and the 2010 general election, said the township.

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