New mayors in South Stormont, South Dundas

South Dundas Mayor-elect Evonne Delegarde (left) and outgoing Mayor Steven Byvelds during an all-candidates debate. (Cornwall Newswatch/File)

SD&G – There are new mayors in South Stormont and South Dundas.

Evonne Delegarde forced out incumbent mayor Steven Byvelds in South Dundas by a vote of 2,807 to 1,388. Jim Locke is returning as deputy mayor.

There is only one incumbent councillor – Archie Mellan – and he’s joined by newcomer Marc St. Pierre and, returning to council, Bill Ewing.

In South Stormont, Jim Bancroft defeated incumbent Bryan McGillis 2,813 to 2,219 in a heated race.

Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart was reelected by 2,123 votes, defeating her challengers Cindy Woods and Ray Beauregard.

South Stormont council will consist of Donna Primeau, Richard Waldroff and David Smith.

The township election system hit a major glitch, leaving frustrated voters waiting for hours to get results. Many in South Stormont were reportedly getting tired of waiting and left the township hall before the results were posted.

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