LTE: Why Megill didn’t sign CAG pledge

The following is the response to the Community Action Group from council candidate Heather Megill on why she didn’t sign the pledge to “roll back” taxes in the next term if she’s elected:

My simple answer to you is that I will not sign your pledge to roll back taxes. As a councillor I would, however, vow I to give thoughtful consideration to all recommendations and discussions concerning the Cornwall budget. I understand that all City Departments submit their specific Department budgets to the Cornwall Director of Financial Services, Maureen Adams, who skillfully prepares and submits budget documentation for consideration. It would be presumptuous of me to think that I would have all the answers before I am presented with draft budgets. I also expect I would receive a certain amount of training in the new role as City Councillor and some of this would certainly include budgeting and city taxes. I do, intend to be a City Councillor for all citizens of Cornwall not just special interest groups. Keeping the tax rate lower at the expense of maintaining important City services and infrastructure programs is counter-productive to Peace, Order and Good Government.

Heather Megill
City of Cornwall Council Candidate

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