LTE: Guy St-Jean: once again…staying true to myself

The following is an open letter from council candidate Guy St-Jean on why he didn’t sign the Community Action Group’s pledge:

Dear members of CAG (Community Action Group),

Thank you for your message. Although I do agree that City Council must work more efficiently during the next term, I unfortunately will not be signing the document.

If elected, I will always strive to work with other council members to “roll back” property taxes and to work against frivolous future increases in our taxes and expenditures. I do not believe that publishing this document, of who signed and who did not sign, will be effective in pushing the CAG agenda.

I will say that the following is quite contradictory! Mr. Roy Perkins and other members of CAG, for whom I have utmost respect for, vocally displayed their frustrations when the present council voted themselves a 40% raise. I am equally upset and frustrated over this issue. Five of the councillors and the mayor voted for this increase in salary. Now, by asking new candidates and incumbents to sign your document, you have people signing your document and supporting your agenda just to gain a few extra votes. Some of the councillors who voted for their raise, are also signing to “roll back” property taxes! That makes no sense to me!

I respect everyone within CAG and hope that you will, in return respect my position. I am in no way saying that I am against your agenda. I just find it contradictory that some of the current Council members voted for their own raise and are also supporting the CAG position on taxes. As such, I cannot endorse this.

Thank you Sandy and CAG members,

Respectfully Yours,

Guy St-Jean
I truly hope that you, the residents of Cornwall will respect my position and decision in not signing the document and that you will continue supporting me in the upcoming election.

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