LTE: Need for more voting locations in Cornwall municipal election

I am concerned that the small number of voting locations in the City of Cornwall for the October 27 municipal election, as in the 2010 municipal election, will result in a lower voter turnout. For this election, the City of Cornwall is providing 10 voting locations to voters in comparison to the 21 voting locations available to voters in the City of Cornwall in the June 12, 2014 provincial election.

People are more inclined to vote if their polling station is located within walking distance of their home. Many seniors, disabled persons, and people without cars may not get out to vote if their polling station is far from their home.

We should be doing everything possible to encourage everyone to exercise their democratic right to vote. Having fewer voting locations discourages and prevents some of our residents from voting.

In the interest of greater democracy in our municipal elections, the City of Cornwall should rectify this unfortunate situation and provide more voting locations for future municipal elections.

Brian Lynch

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