COMMENTARY: O’Shaughnessy needs to change the focus…fast

If you went to mayoral candidate Leslie O’Shaughnessy’s campaign launch on Friday night looking for his vision for the future of Cornwall you would have come away empty-handed. Instead the entire launch was more like a piecemeal history lesson on the whistleblowing case the city has been involved in and more of an attack on incumbent Bob Kilger. Not to play down the significance of what happened but we have to remember this is one man’s opinion and interpretation. There’s Leslie’s story, Bob’s story and the truth. But O’Shaughnessy needs to change the direction of his campaign and fast. People want to be upbeat and hear a vision for the Seaway City and what he’s going to do if elected mayor. As they say “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” and with five weeks to go before voters go to the ballot box there’s no time to waste before telling voters what you will do to change the city for the better. But people leaving that launch were more left with a sordid history of the whistleblowing past and an off-the-cuff endorsement of who Leslie would like to see around the council table.

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