Eastern Ontario jobless rate drops for second month

CORNWALL, Ont. – For the second month in a row the unemployment rate in Eastern Ontario has dropped. The July jobless rate was 6.7%. It slipped another 0.1% from June. The economic region covers Lanark County, Leeds-Grenville, Ottawa, Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry and Prescott-Russell.

In Cornwall, the unadjusted unemployment rate for July dropped from 6.3% from 9.7% in June. The numbers suggest almost 900 people found work in the city. However, the statistic is not considered an accurate portrayal of employment in Cornwall by job market watchers.

Corrected figures released Friday show the unemployment rate in Canada was at 7.0% last month. The jobless figure didn’t change from the week before but the number of jobs created did. There was actually 42,000 jobs added to the market instead of 200 as reported on August 8, 2014. The error was blamed on a miscalculation of the number of full-time jobs lost.

The unemployment rate in Ontario is 7.5%, unchanged from June to July.

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