Completion of Iroquois wastewater treatment plant upgrades

IROQUOIS, Ont. – It’s been two years in the making but Iroquois’ wastewater treatment plant is now fully upgraded and running. The federal government recognized the completion in a news release today. “Important projects like this one significantly impact the quality of life for local residents. Thanks to these improvements, the Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant will now have the capacity to support this growing community while preserving the St. Lawrence River ecosystem for years to come. Our government is proud to invest in significant infrastructure projects that create jobs, promote growth, and build strong, prosperous communities across Ontario,” said SD&SG MP Guy Lauzon.

“Thanks to our federal and provincial partners, we are improving the quality of life for residents of Iroquois and South Dundas. We are also promoting ecologic sustainability of the St. Lawrence River by improving the treatment of wastewater. Without our partners, this would not have happened,” said South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds.

The work started in February, 2012 and was to be completed by September, 2013. It included upgrading the equipment at the Elizabeth Drive sewage pumping station as well as clearing and excavating at the existing plant for new features and modifications. The $18 million project was funding by the federal and provincial governments ($9 million each) and $62,067 from the Municipality of South Dundas. The plant will now provide secondary treatment to wastewater before its released into the St. Lawrence River.

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